Kate Middleton fumbles pt 1: Videos

So i’ve decided to post a couple of Kate’s fumbles during her time as a royal. I present to you her curtsey to the Queen at the end of her wedding. Notice how she has yet to change how she curtsey (her head should be bowed). I love the Queen looks away like there is something else better to look at.


2 thoughts on “Kate Middleton fumbles pt 1: Videos

  1. The Queen must really be so disgusted with her. I cannot imagine what she says about her and her low class family behind closed doors. But then again, if PW married her to exact revenge against the BRF, he must be having the time of his life laughing at their reaction to her aand her unacceptable family. If this is true, he is one sick puppy.

  2. I remember seeing Diana and Anne curtsey to the queen. Diane curtsied very low with her head bowed. Anne was nearly sitting on the floor with her forehead almost touching the ground.

    The problem lies with intellect in regards to Waity. She really isn’t very bright, hence the bumbling with curtsies, speeches, wardrobe, conversation, modesty…

    Her role is undoubtedly demanding but surely she has been taught how to perform these things. So why isn’t she? I think she needs someone to follow her around, place a hand on her back and give her constant directions. Wait…William already does that!

    I don’t think she is a horrible person. I just think she is a poor choice for the job…because it is a job, with a little marriage mixed in.

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