Twigleg > Charity Gala

I disappoint and not really surprised that the Daily Mail has yet to do an article about prince William at the 100 influential women’s charity gala. Maybe I’m not searching hard enough because the Examiner is the only news source i can find for  this event. I personally think its ridiculous that the DM caters to the Middleton family. But prince William attends the same event him and Kate did last without her and they don’t have an article. I am starting to wonder if Kate decided to not attend so that William could suffer like she did when she had to do an event by herself. To be honest the article at the examiner really doesn’t say much, its four very short paragraphs. I’m sorry i am extremely bothered by the lack of media attention this gala received all because Kate didn’t show up.

What i did find at DM was interesting seeing how they worship Kate and her family.

Twiglet or Twigleg is what’s in style this season and guess whose at the top of the list of famous people who have these twig for limbs…Kate. Not a surprise at all, but what was a surprise is that the DM is the one who posted this article. According to the article women with legs this skinny have low BMI, which is something we all can agree on when it comes to kates weight. What a lot of young girls do not realize about trying to be this thin is that it comes with really bad side affects. Aging, baggy skin, health problems(long term and short term).

Let me know your thoughts.


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