Why so serious?

Wow was this a serious meeting of family members (Kate, Will, Pippa, Beatrice & her boy friend). This is the first time she’s walked out of party and not been smiling, interesting, maybe she is staying away from alcohol. I really do wonder if she owns a pair of dress pants, look at how short her dress is.



5 thoughts on “Why so serious?

  1. As I mentioned over at E24, I am sure it is a reaction to the criticism Waity received for her first appearance in the North after nudegate, ie grinning inanely, dressed inappropriately in a ridiculously short skirt and not showing an ounce of embarrassment or contrition. Leaving the club looking glum and in more sober clothing was probably a PR suggestion to combat the global criticism!

    • If this is a PR stunt then I am starting to believe that they are just as simple as Kate. It’s a little to late to kiss and makeup. They could’ve done this Sunday or Monday night. I hate that eugiene is being dragged into this (fix kate’s image) because I really like her. Don’t get me started on pippa, why do the middletons think black stockings match everything? I would have worn burgundy.

    • I hate to just comment on clothes but Pippa looked shocking! Once again prove that money can’t buy class or taste.

      Quite amusing the first sentence of the DM article…that KM was ‘forced’ to do a solo engagement. Also they must really be scraping the barrel in terms of PR spin as ‘reunite’ is hardly the appropriate word to describe KM + PM’s day. Most couples work during the day at different jobs, in different locations…so I guess they ‘reunite’ when they see each other at night!

      PS: If I were 2 year old Lola (from photo in DM article) I would have run for my life. Far away from maniacal grin hyena lady.

  2. The only couple that looked happy was Eugenie and her boyfriend.

    PW and Kate looked somber. You would think she would be consoling him (unless he’s so cranky, she’s keeping her distance).

    Pippa’s date looked miserable or drunk. If I were her date I would be drunk and miserable, too.


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