Repeat offender…

Today Kate was in Newcastle today visiting, and apparently only 70 people showed up. I laughed when i saw this number, that must have hurt. Buts she’s a robot so feels nothing.

I will admit that i loved this coat when she wore it last Christmas, but i do not like it with that awful belt. Again with these boots, Prince Charles is paying for her clothing so why hasn’t she bought any new boots. William was not with her today, he was attending the funeral of his late nanny Olga. I wish I knew what she really thought of Kate. Now people are definitely speculating that she is pregnant because she was touching her stomach more that usual. Ugh, this girl really does know what she’s doing when it comes to keeping her name in the press. As far as the kid who got a hug from Kate, i don’t think his mom approved him being there to meet Kate.

So how did Kate do today:

  • recycled another Christmas coat
  • wore those boots again (I’m serious if anyone in the palace reads this site, please do use all a favor and dispose of them today).
  • no clutch
  • she actually looked like she enjoyed the day
  • still having problem with eye contact when shaking people hands
  • I’m sorry but i do not like the belt
  • continued her obsession with touching her stomach

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