Will looks at home, Kate looks lost…

So Will & Kate were out again today to open St. George Park. William is the president of the Football Association, so it makes since for him to be there. Today was different from what we saw yesterday. William wasn’t floating in the back ground he actually stood out more than Kate even with the photographers taking pictures of just Kate. He seemed a lot more comfortable in this environment, Kate was the one out of place. You would think she would be comfortable in a sports environment, guess not maybe she realized all of those men have seen her in the buff. I think whoever in the palace doesn’t like Kate (there are a few of them) should burn her wedges and these boots. I am slightly annoyed by them, is there no one briefing her on the conditions she’s going into. Heels, water, and tile can end very painfully.

So how did Kate & Wills do today?


  • comfortable in the environment
  • someone should burn the blue suit with Kate’s shoes.


  • Hair down again
  • dressed for the weather (£325 Reiss coat)
  • stupid boots
  • big improvement from yesterday
  • clutch (it acts as a barrier at the wrong times)

2 thoughts on “Will looks at home, Kate looks lost…

  1. Only Waity could stand their grinning (sometimes to herself) in the most idiotic fashion, especially (no doubt about that) as the footballers will be inwardly tittering at having viewed every intimate part of her body on the web. Most of us would hang our heads in shame. I am convinced now that she is totally dense and has no idea about anything. I wish someone would tell her to stop waving her hands about too when talking with people. As the Republicans keep saying, Waity is their secret weapon ie just leave her to carry on in the same crass way and the Monarchy will certainly implode.

    • I think she will have a huge effect on the history of the British monarchy. Yes, she’s silly, shallow and thick as a plank but her influence could be greater than people think. Probably not in a positive way.
      I think this soap opera has just begun…

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