No change

I’m kind of digging this. The skirt is just a teensy bit short but nothing to cry home about. I think she chose a winner, especially since she adheres to fashion protocol that other attendees are wearing. Usually everyone is dressed up business-like while Kate is in some high street dress, but this is very good. She looks like she belongs with the group of business women. Points for her!

Picture from the B.R.G

So today the Duke & Duchess of Lazy came out of hiding today. They were visiting law students who have won the scholarships from the Princess Diana scholarship, the Queen mother scholarship, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge scholarship. So the question is has Kate made any changes to herself since the pictures came out? I say, No. Here are my reasons why:

  • still plays with her hair
  • skirt was too short
  • Its probably just me but the lace top underneath her suit is not professional
  • still looks lost
  • hair should have be up
  • still touching her stomach for attention
  • to me she still looks like a crazy person

I think the choice of a suit was smart ( you know she would have worn a dress if she wasn’t caught in the buff), and i love the color. This is probably an improvement slightly on her behalf. And William looked like he was one of her staff, he was just there floating in the background. I thought it was protocol for him to walk in front of her. This small gesture says just as much as the hand on her back which is his way of saying hurry up. If the pictures of him nude do come out i am worried that there wont be any balls, or there will be some but they just haven’t dropped yet. This is why he is a man-child, stand up and say something, geez Louise.


6 thoughts on “No change

  1. Waity really has no idea at all. To appear in a short skirt and with her TOWIE hairstyle just reminds people of the ‘photos she is trying to forget. She certainly looks like the 2nd prize winner in the Internet porn competition. I am beginning to believe people’s comments that she is a bit simple. She really could have chosen a more suitable and demure look. She couldn’t be more unsuitable for Queen Consort if she tried!

    • She could have been the Comeback Kid today. A professional, polished and mature look would have gone a long way. Hair in a bun, less make up, lower heeled shoes…

      I love her jacket, eventhough the arms should have been lengthened. The black lace cami and mini-skirt screamed “Look at me!” and bring to mind boobie-gate. She really should throw the tights away when working and use hose instead.

      I wish I could see a video. Maybe she did really well greeting, meeting, speaking to people. At this point I would have to give the day a C-.

  2. Hi there, found your via Enclave 24.

    I thought for the occasion + her role the skirt was definitely way too short. Entirely inappropriate.

    Her hair is definitely coloured since sometimes the roots show through. I think it would be hilarious to eg for Lent force her to give up the hairdresser or something. Or makeup. She’ll probably have a nervous breakdown.

    She should feel inadequate around these accomplished students. Guess she’s probably too ignorant or arrogant to care.

    • Thank you for visiting. Its well known that she dies her hair because the gray starts to show really bad. I honestly don’t believe she would go for giving up her high street fashion. She would give food up before that any day.

  3. Her outfit was not fair for me,it is not something that i would die for to wear.Well i guess it was better than the nude pics.Again waity is all about look at me.

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