Kate stepping up too late

I’m sorry its gonna take a little more than picking up more royal duties to make up for her lack of work and clothes. PR will do anything that could make her look good, and its actually not working. I really do hope William wakes up  from his Disney movie and smell the cow manure that he’s married to.
step up…


5 thoughts on “Kate stepping up too late

  1. We said a while back that we could always predict the PR actions after a negative event and we certainly can. Their damage limitation exercises always make them look naive and hopeless at their jobs.

  2. Work might be the last option for maintaining any credibility that the DoDs might have. Their childish behavior has shown their inability to represent GB in a dignified manner.

    A Prince or a Duchess should have traits or accomplishments greater than the average person. Skills or expertise in fields such as history, military arts, languages, religion or diplomacy should be inherent in the royal’s persona. Beliefs drive a person’s actions and I would hope to see evidence of compassion, kindness, perseverance, commitment and high moral standards in princes and princesses everywhere.

    If a queen, a prince, a princess do not hold these qualities, then what makes them royal??? Wouldn’t the average person perform ribbon cuttings as well as HRH?

    • @ Angelique. They are both totally lacking in what is needed to perform Royal duties.
      No amount of PR will change that. They live the life of 5th rate celebrities at the tax
      payers expense. Waity has been voted
      Porn Babe no 2 in an Internet porno site
      There are ‘photos of PW urinating on the web. The Monarchy will not survive with
      this hopeless self indulgent pair.

      • +1 I think there are two choices at this point. Give up any claim to the throne, shack up with Uncle Gary and get the party started in Ibiza OR work their asses off at the most menial and obscure engagements, put up with the heckling and jeering and smile through the embarrassment of being the two biggest idiots on Earth.

        I wonder how the other royals feel about their shenanigans? Certain behaviors really put the whole institution at risk. If I had worked for years dedicating myself to my country and my family, I would be feeling a little resentful right now.

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