Two oompa loompas, and Guy Pelly

The Duke & Duchess of Lazy will be heading towards Newcastle and Gateshead next week, apparently to give the royal seal of approval. Will it be sealed with Kate’s right boob? I honestly wouldn’t want to even be their presence. I am hoping someone ask them why didn’t attend the paralympics and decided to go to France and parade around nude? I think it would be a huge statement if everyone decided not to show up to meet them, maybe that boost of confidence that she got from the nude pics will be knocked down. Next week will be an interesting one. Do you think she will wear those horrible jeggings and/or wedges?

I wish i had $17 million just sitting around waiting for me to by and unnecessary flat/apartment. Really!? I live in Texas and you can a lot with $17 million. Where did she get the money from in the first place because her book deal was only 500k. Uncle Gary? Will?

P.S. – Guy Pelly is apparently dating Kate’s ex-boyfriend ex-girlfriend,this is the same girl they compared Kate to when the engagement to will was announced. Interesting isn’t it.


2 thoughts on “Two oompa loompas, and Guy Pelly

  1. Funny about Guy Pelly…I read once that the British elite date in small circles. I don’t know how accurate that is, but I do know that one of Will’s exes married one of Kate’s exes from Edinburgh days. They all attended the wedding together…wow!

    For Newcastle, I am betting on fuscia jeggings, a pair of stiletto booties (It’s cold in GB now), a faux shearling jacket, and buckets of make-up. At least she won’t have any wind issues with the jeggings.

    As long as Rebecca can do her job keeping the Duchess clothed and upright everything will be cool!

  2. @Angelique. Plus the inane dense grin! There is no way I could personally go out there and strut myself knowing that probably everyone I met would have viewed my intimate body parts, laughed at Joan Rivers pubic hair joke etc etc. I wonder if she will be allowed to say anything in view of her past disastrous record?

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