Well his plan backfired…

And came around to bite him in the ass. I knew something was up with him suing closer. But like I said I do believe the press had a plan for these pictures which is why just about every week there are new sets of photos coming out. Maybe we will get an early Christmas present and see the video, Ewh! Oh I wish I was one of those 100 women who will have to endure his boring speech. He’ll probably request that there be no personal questions asked. As duchess of lazy she’s not going because she’s probably going on vacation again, trust me she is not ashamed by this at all.



One thought on “Well his plan backfired…

  1. Yes, I do believe someone is licking his wounds right now. Goodness, his royal feathers must really be ruffled.

    Any respect he may have gained from his lawsuit against Closer was lost when Waity showed her bum to a group of photographers standing on the airport tarmac, AGAIN!

    Now he just looks foolish and, well, dumb. If Waity has any sense at all, she’s looking at her watch right now, counting down the last days of her life as a royal. The way I see it, her frolic in the Tuscan sun was just a warm-up for her centerfold issue in Hustler magazine, you know, once the divorce goes through.

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