James Middleton the royal (pain in the arse)…

When i read the article about James Middleton handing his keys to a police officer i wasn’t shocked at all. This family does nothing that is original.

James Middleton woke up Saturday morning and decided to be a douche at a wedding. James drove up to the church and handed his keys to a tax paid protection officer. I am looking forward to seeing the video that Niraj Tanna post on, that’s if the Middletons and prince William allows it to be released. The Middleton clan seem to be getting more and more interesting as time goes with the new found perks their daughter has given them. First the signet rings, Pippa book deal,Kate wardrobe change on outside and James getting the police to park his car. Whats next? I don’t think the dad is one for the spot light so i think its gonna make a full circle and come back to Carole. Its like watching a car accident in slow motion, i hope they know there is no rewind button for this car pile up. What does everyone in the UK think of James and his recent behavior?

This is the first time she hasn’t put “the ring” on display

They remind me of the Kardashians here in America. If prince William was a normal guy and Kate came into fame by her sex tape. It would be a miracle to wake up one day and see this family normal (no tans, no hair tracks, no eyeliner, etc). Its OK to dream. I finding it very interesting that Micheal Middleton has done more charity work than his daughter has in 10 years.


6 thoughts on “James Middleton the royal (pain in the arse)…

  1. If they were in a television farce their appalling behaviour would not be believed! I am looking forward to the ‘reveal all and more’ books about them which are said to be in the pipeline.

    From rumours abounding these books will, without doubt, be the final nail in he coffin for this unbelievably ghastly family who it is already being said will be remembered for bringing the Monarchy down!

    • Very well said Romilly. There have been rumours about these books for years-let’s just hope that somebody puts their money where their mouths are and publishes. No more rumours, publish please!!

  2. I feel rather sorry for Pa who seems out of it all. Colleagues from their flying days were supposed to have said that he was second best ie Carole couldn’t catch a pilot so had to settle for a Despatcher!

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