What Kate & Princess Madeline have incommon.

Well it’s nice to know that the DM is backing kissing some over exposed butt. I highly doubt that Princess Madeline had any intention on copying W&K. If that’s the case the phrase “art imitating life” will speak for itself. By the way the original pose was done by Charles & Diana, so I guess that mean Kate is just as much of a copy Kat. I do wish they would give Mr. O’Neil a break I think his lack of smiling is because he’s nervous. Remember they’ve only been together for 2 years rather than 10 and this is a completely different type of atmosphere for him.


A family full of very large egos.

Why? The Middleton family are private citizens and not entitled to official police protection

So the Middletons have been waiting on Pippa to go on a press tour for her book before they showed their faces. According to Rebecca English at the Daily Mail the Middletons have let their connection to royalty go straight to their heads. There has been two instances where royal protection officers have swept the places where the Pippa will be. Maybe this is Kate’s way of being their for her sister while she sits at home playing the victim. To add more salt to the womb wound DM did a piece on James Middleton about his dyslexia. There is a positive point in this article but unfortunately they have already mentioned this after his sister got married. By the way i tried reading it but i got really bored of repetition. Come on and write something original.

P.S. love the video of the children saying they hate princesses and also how natural she sounds like she’s not trying to be someone she’s not.

Duke of Edinbourgh the Gemini


Keywords: talkative, mental, adaptable, flexible, changeable, responsive, sociable, superficial.

In ancient Greek mythology, Gemini’s ruler – Mercury, was the light-footed messenger of the gods who darted back and forth across the heavens delivering news – which might explain why those born under the sign of the ‘Twins’ are always on the move; thirsty for knowledge and new experiences. Terminally curious and sometimes even mischievous, Geminis are multi-faceted souls who enjoy knowing a little bit of everything but generally not too much about one particular subject. It’s just that variety is the spice of their lives!

In Astrology, Geminis have also gained the reputation of being the incessant talkers of the zodiac. Those Twins that don’t have the ‘gift of the gab’ are usually talented writers or have a special interest in foreign languages. In love, they look for a partner who can keep up with them mentally and physically! And, to quote Oscar Wilde, “there’s one thing worse than people talking about you, that’s people not talking about you.” Whether Geminis like it or not, people are usually “talking about them”. Together with Scorpio and Virgos, they are a sign that is often discussed, dissected and sometimes even put down by the other signs of the zodiac. Sometimes this is a subtle form of jealousy by others, because Geminis do lead very unique and unusual lives. The Gemini personality can appear mysterious or detached to others and therefore they are often misunderstood and unappreciated for the talents they offer to the world at large.

Another reason Geminis evoke so much interest is many born under this sign are multi-dimensionally talented. In money matters, some Geminis are very adept and quick at making it…and spending it too. Many Geminis are involved in international financial wheeling and dealing. They love the adventure and game playing involved in out-thinking other people. Gemini’s can be very haphazard about their financial affairs too, with many of them ending up in divorce courts mainly because their partners have become tired of living on the edge of a financial precipice.

Fumble pt.2: Clothing

The low cut kimono style dress that Kate wore. She obviously is obsessed with show off her legs and her boobs in the wonder bra. The public should never know where moles are on someone that cant be seen when wearing respectful clothing. Modesty is something she lacks.


fumbles pt.2: Clothing


Those extremely tight cut off your circulation to your legs pants. I will be honest i love the color but i really do think this was wrong for the occasion. Does she own any nice khakis or dress pants? I have added these to the burn soon please list.