That was fast.

Well Waity has showed her weird face again and of course its at a wedding.Oh and the Middleton clan was back together again as a whole. Do you think her old scout friend is jealous that she showed up for this friends wedding? I honestly don’t believe that this girl is ashamed of the ass pictures that are out now. Nor do i believe she will be getting the makeover we all wished was getting. This is actually the first time i’ve noticed she’s not showing off her ring.



3 thoughts on “That was fast.

  1. She certainly DIDN’T look at all ashamed, grinning and laughing in that ghastly way of hers. As we keep saying she is the Republican’s secret weapon! It also highlights how her behaviour is so very unregal. Can you imagine, topless, full frontal nude, crotch shots etc etc of QE, Camilla, Zara, Sophie and any of the other Royal ladies? They know how to behave with decorum in a way that Waity never will – it just isn’t in her genes and no amount of princess training will be able to change that!

      • Any lessons she took didn’t work. When I see her out she seems fake and I wonder when she gets home and takes off all her finery, what exactly is left? If she lived next door to me I would have no desire to be her friend or get to know her. There just isn’t anything that appealing about her.

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