Kate get another free pass

So in the last week Duchess of Lazy has been in the news for two of the dress that she wore during the asian tour.

Solomon Island Dress: Apparently on of the overally excited welcome committee put the wrong clothing on the bed for the D&D of Lazy. First of all why did no one from their staff realized that something was not right? Secondly why did no one on the private island that they were staying notice the garments were from the wrong island? Not only was waity and wills not educated about the traditional of the island not even the clothing. You would think Kate would at least know something she is a still icon, and best dressed women of the year.

Packham airport dress: Jenny Packham has taken the role of what seems like kates mother. I honestly doudt that this girl did not know when she was going to wear both dresses. Even if she did not know what day exactly she knew it would be cameras everywhere. I think its really bad when a designer is bashed by a kate fan about why she as a designer did not put weights in her dress really. These kate fanatics are out of control attacking this women who had no idea kate was going to wear one of her dresses on the near airplanes. I feel really bad for Jenny Packham because she now has to do the job Kate herself or a stylist which she refused should be doing. This is a 30 year old college graduate who can’t even dress herself properly.

Do you think she will get a makeover? Stylist included.


3 thoughts on “Kate get another free pass

  1. I really cannot believe that someone on the welcome committee (of said Islands) would put the wrong dress out in the first place!!! But once again, someone has to take the rap for the fact that these two were too lazy to research and prepare for themselves. Surely the preparation for the dress waity was to wear, would have been done at home?? If I had done the preparation, I would have known exactly which dress I should have worn and would have known something was wrong. Once again- the spotlight is on her for the wrong reasons. But oh no! We were all told that the reason these two were not attending the paralympics was because the child was at work and waity was PREPARING for the tour!!

  2. @DebbieB. Really good point ie Willy at work and Waity PREPARING for the tour thereby missing important ending days of Paralympics when in fact they had snuck off for yet another vacation. THAT point was WELL and truly swept under the carpet by the sychophantic media!

    There is apparently much sniggering of explicit Waity ‘photos behind aristocratic closed doors right now. With Christmas fast approaching and the RF known to only buy cheap joke type presents for each other, I wonder how many crotch, boobs and bum mugs and tea towels will be found in Royal stockings this year?!

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