Will the rat make another hole the wall…

So I’m really excited for the next couple months because i want to know if pictures of the couple will come out while they are on yet another vacation from their vacation called life. There is currently still an investigation about those pictures. So i decided to point out some things, small for now.

The Middletons minus Kate: I do believe the women in this family look the spotlight. And they do realize that keeping your name on the tip of everyone’s tongue will mean free things, more business and possibly money. They know that if their daughter is in the spotlight they will be in the spotlight and rep the benefits. Everywhere the middletons go (when dolled up of course) the camera are sure to follow.

Staff: Well i don’t blame any of the staff for putting the spotlight on who the Cambridges really are, lazy. I’m pretty sure that Kate Middleton hadn’t weaseled her way into the family then there might be more sympathy for her and maybe some training. Maybe the staff is trying to give prince william that push he needs to end the mistake he made 18 months ago.

Will: Made the stories are true about these two, what if the nude photos were the last straw. But i doubt that would be the problem seeing how shes been like that since they started dating. apparently the 5 year old has a really bad temper and he wants out and has decided to destroy her from the inside. Maybe his plan was to give her the title she craved only to be knocked down by the man she’s married to. Evil yes this is what happens when you watch the investigation channel.

Kate: Would Kate sell herself to try and improve the image shes trashed. I honestly believed that Kate may have called the paps on her location. Yes, its far fetched but think about it way too many photos are of her looking towards the cameras and smiling. It honestly seems really odd that the photos were taken just from one day. She changed bathing suits outside in broad daylight with only a towel around her shoulders. Do you think Kate wants out of the situation? Maybe she’s tired of her new life and roll, this is a girl who never had a job and now has one of the biggest positions in the firm. That can be a lot to take on when you have no previous work experience or experience dealing with different types of people. Really?! I make my self laugh sometimes, she loves this job wwwaayyy too much.

Its just a thought a far fetched on yes but there are a lot of celebrities that through themselves under the bus so they can erase their negative past.

Any ideas on whose behind this?



One thought on “Will the rat make another hole the wall…

  1. Definitely DON’T thinks she wants out and also think PW is only just beginning to realise what he has done to the RF by marrying someone so TOTALLY unsuitable.
    I must admit the ‘photos did look rather posed and even PW was looking at the camera in some. I can’t believe that they were so deliberately idiotic BUT there is a strong rumour that there are far worse out there and far more scandal to be revealed so
    it just could have been an attempt to pre empt that by suing etc. Or it could have been the alleged bird brained Waity
    prancing around to ‘tempt’ Willy and show
    that they are a close loving couple. There is
    something definitely very odd about the whole situation and as someone pointed out it could have so easily been a sniper!

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