Shaken Adult Syndrome.

This is what i would to Prince William I would shake him until he shows some signs of improvement, then i would ask him a very important question.

What does the Middleton family have on you to make you marry a girl that with that kind of track record?

I do have my assumptions as to why he did marry her, and one of them have something to do with uncle Gary. Everyone knows who uncle Gary is and what his “profession” is. Will and Kate have gone on vacations visiting Gary and using his boat to on different occasions. I personally think this was reckless on Williams behalf this is a guy seems to live the life of sex, drugs, and rock n roll.

Looking the recent boob gate reaction from the 5 year old has made me question this even more. Could wills have been so naive that he became involved with some of uncle Gary’s extracurricular activities? Maybe they have a photo of will with one of his prostitutes in an awkward position. Maybe he has some involvement with the drugs. Its far fetched but you have to start asking the questions that no one else is bringing up.

Any grown man that is completely comfortable around the women of his girlfriends family with out tops on isn’t all there in the head. I really do believe that wills brain never got a chance to heal from his mothers death. This is a man-child who has faked an engagement, fell for a girl while she was nearly naked, cheat on that girl, broke up with her at least 3 time in those 9 years, involved with a family who has a pimp as an uncle, then announced the engagement to the Queen hours before the interview. I really do think there is a major case of blackmail going on here and I’m not sure his family knows the real truth.

This is something gold-diggers/home wreckers do, they find something incriminating about the man they are chasing and uses it for a piece of the pie. This is how you end up with everything they have you alienate them from their families, friends, and jobs. You show what they could be doing with their money besides saving it; show them that your family is much cooler and down to earth and actually cares about. Then once you get then fat, bald and insane you break them, this is what i think the Middletons have in mind maybe not the dad he seems like he doesn’t really belong there. Like the wrong puzzle piece.

What are your thoughts?

P.S. Shaken Adult Syndrome is real its a form of domestic violence.


2 thoughts on “S.A.S

  1. Good post ABW

    I think many of us would love to shake, not just PW, but the whole of the RF for what they have allowed into their family. She has only been in the family for 18 months and is already a laughing stock internationally. Yesterday I posted a brilliant spoof on Waity and privacy, which now has been removed. However, we have all seen it and the images of that spoof will live in my head forever.

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