Who is Kate Middleton?…

So i will admit that i did not know who Kate Middleton was when the engagement was announced, and i am pretty sure i wasn’t the only one. I did not watch the engagement interview, nor did i wake up at 3 am to watch the wedding. What got me interested in finding out who this girl was the fact that everywhere i looked the wedding was being playing on TV morning, noon, and night. It gave me a headache.

So i went home and googled Kate Middleton. I found it very interesting that there were so many people for her marrying William and just as many against her do so. I decided to very both sides of the argument and figure out what the fuss was about. But i am for and against them being together.


1.) I love astrology and their signs are great together, well until you do some more reading.

2.) She is a ride or die chick and that is the type that prince William needs to have so he doesn’t repeat history.

3.) He wants to be normal and she wants to famous. Win Win.


1.) I love astrology and their signs are not so good together when you go deeper into their whole birth chart (more to come on this later)

2.) the deep dark secrets that are not so dark, deep or secrets. They are sitting there on the surface just waiting on someone to speak up. ( preferable someone with nothing to lose)

3.) work-shy

4.) creepy smile so you can see all of her fake teeth

Oh i have more but you get what i saying, it what a lot of people are saying. I do not, i repeat, i do not HATE Kate Middleton. Hate is such a strong word and it can take up a lot of your time and can age you faster than Kate has in the last 10 years. You have to admit that the girl set a goal (her mother might be included) and went for it, got it and is currently turning the whole royal family into a laugh stock.

I do hope someone in the palace re-wires her settings because she is currently set on disrespectful. I had another word but i decided to not go there…
P.S. I still dont know who Kate Middleton is.


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