Kate Middleton …

Kate Middleton showed up on the scene when during a skiing trip with Williams brother and father in tow. Am i the only one that saw a problem with introducing the world to your new girlfriend while on a skiing trip with family? I found it interesting that they choose that precise moment to do so, talk about scene stiller. There were too many photos of Kate looking right at the camera, press called it Will gets the real girl. Well i dont need to fill you in on what you already know.

I honestly believe that Prince William created a monster out of Kate, if it didnt already exist. She always look like she was up to something. Thoughts ” my evil plan is working, muhahaha”



When she showed up it seemed like the perfect match, she was a commoner and he a prince. She will become the first Queen Consort to have a degree, more crotch shots that britney spears and paris hilton combined. In my honest option I don’t think that she got a chance to grow up, she went from her parents home to chasing a prince around to marrying him. The only fun she ever had was when she was out clubbing with william. Which is why she decided it was a good idea to sunbath with out a top and to change bikinis outside. They are both two kids who never heard the word no, which is why they belong together. 




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