I havent done that in years…


That was fast.

Well Waity has showed her weird face again and of course its at a wedding.Oh and the Middleton clan was back together again as a whole. Do you think her old scout friend is jealous that she showed up for this friends wedding? I honestly don’t believe that this girl is ashamed of the ass pictures that are out now. Nor do i believe she will be getting the makeover we all wished was getting. This is actually the first time i’ve noticed she’s not showing off her ring.


Kate get another free pass

So in the last week Duchess of Lazy has been in the news for two of the dress that she wore during the asian tour.

Solomon Island Dress: Apparently on of the overally excited welcome committee put the wrong clothing on the bed for the D&D of Lazy. First of all why did no one from their staff realized that something was not right? Secondly why did no one on the private island that they were staying notice the garments were from the wrong island? Not only was waity and wills not educated about the traditional of the island not even the clothing. You would think Kate would at least know something she is a still icon, and best dressed women of the year.

Packham airport dress: Jenny Packham has taken the role of what seems like kates mother. I honestly doudt that this girl did not know when she was going to wear both dresses. Even if she did not know what day exactly she knew it would be cameras everywhere. I think its really bad when a designer is bashed by a kate fan about why she as a designer did not put weights in her dress really. These kate fanatics are out of control attacking this women who had no idea kate was going to wear one of her dresses on the near airplanes. I feel really bad for Jenny Packham because she now has to do the job Kate herself or a stylist which she refused should be doing. This is a 30 year old college graduate who can’t even dress herself properly.

Do you think she will get a makeover? Stylist included.


Shaken Adult Syndrome.

This is what i would to Prince William I would shake him until he shows some signs of improvement, then i would ask him a very important question.

What does the Middleton family have on you to make you marry a girl that with that kind of track record?

I do have my assumptions as to why he did marry her, and one of them have something to do with uncle Gary. Everyone knows who uncle Gary is and what his “profession” is. Will and Kate have gone on vacations visiting Gary and using his boat to on different occasions. I personally think this was reckless on Williams behalf this is a guy seems to live the life of sex, drugs, and rock n roll.

Looking the recent boob gate reaction from the 5 year old has made me question this even more. Could wills have been so naive that he became involved with some of uncle Gary’s extracurricular activities? Maybe they have a photo of will with one of his prostitutes in an awkward position. Maybe he has some involvement with the drugs. Its far fetched but you have to start asking the questions that no one else is bringing up.

Any grown man that is completely comfortable around the women of his girlfriends family with out tops on isn’t all there in the head. I really do believe that wills brain never got a chance to heal from his mothers death. This is a man-child who has faked an engagement, fell for a girl while she was nearly naked, cheat on that girl, broke up with her at least 3 time in those 9 years, involved with a family who has a pimp as an uncle, then announced the engagement to the Queen hours before the interview. I really do think there is a major case of blackmail going on here and I’m not sure his family knows the real truth.

This is something gold-diggers/home wreckers do, they find something incriminating about the man they are chasing and uses it for a piece of the pie. This is how you end up with everything they have you alienate them from their families, friends, and jobs. You show what they could be doing with their money besides saving it; show them that your family is much cooler and down to earth and actually cares about. Then once you get then fat, bald and insane you break them, this is what i think the Middletons have in mind maybe not the dad he seems like he doesn’t really belong there. Like the wrong puzzle piece.

What are your thoughts?

P.S. Shaken Adult Syndrome is real its a form of domestic violence.

Will the rat make another hole the wall…

So I’m really excited for the next couple months because i want to know if pictures of the couple will come out while they are on yet another vacation from their vacation called life. There is currently still an investigation about those pictures. So i decided to point out some things, small for now.

The Middletons minus Kate: I do believe the women in this family look the spotlight. And they do realize that keeping your name on the tip of everyone’s tongue will mean free things, more business and possibly money. They know that if their daughter is in the spotlight they will be in the spotlight and rep the benefits. Everywhere the middletons go (when dolled up of course) the camera are sure to follow.

Staff: Well i don’t blame any of the staff for putting the spotlight on who the Cambridges really are, lazy. I’m pretty sure that Kate Middleton hadn’t weaseled her way into the family then there might be more sympathy for her and maybe some training. Maybe the staff is trying to give prince william that push he needs to end the mistake he made 18 months ago.

Will: Made the stories are true about these two, what if the nude photos were the last straw. But i doubt that would be the problem seeing how shes been like that since they started dating. apparently the 5 year old has a really bad temper and he wants out and has decided to destroy her from the inside. Maybe his plan was to give her the title she craved only to be knocked down by the man she’s married to. Evil yes this is what happens when you watch the investigation channel.

Kate: Would Kate sell herself to try and improve the image shes trashed. I honestly believed that Kate may have called the paps on her location. Yes, its far fetched but think about it way too many photos are of her looking towards the cameras and smiling. It honestly seems really odd that the photos were taken just from one day. She changed bathing suits outside in broad daylight with only a towel around her shoulders. Do you think Kate wants out of the situation? Maybe she’s tired of her new life and roll, this is a girl who never had a job and now has one of the biggest positions in the firm. That can be a lot to take on when you have no previous work experience or experience dealing with different types of people. Really?! I make my self laugh sometimes, she loves this job wwwaayyy too much.

Its just a thought a far fetched on yes but there are a lot of celebrities that through themselves under the bus so they can erase their negative past.

Any ideas on whose behind this?


Kate Middleton …

Kate Middleton showed up on the scene when during a skiing trip with Williams brother and father in tow. Am i the only one that saw a problem with introducing the world to your new girlfriend while on a skiing trip with family? I found it interesting that they choose that precise moment to do so, talk about scene stiller. There were too many photos of Kate looking right at the camera, press called it Will gets the real girl. Well i dont need to fill you in on what you already know.

I honestly believe that Prince William created a monster out of Kate, if it didnt already exist. She always look like she was up to something. Thoughts ” my evil plan is working, muhahaha”



When she showed up it seemed like the perfect match, she was a commoner and he a prince. She will become the first Queen Consort to have a degree, more crotch shots that britney spears and paris hilton combined. In my honest option I don’t think that she got a chance to grow up, she went from her parents home to chasing a prince around to marrying him. The only fun she ever had was when she was out clubbing with william. Which is why she decided it was a good idea to sunbath with out a top and to change bikinis outside. They are both two kids who never heard the word no, which is why they belong together. 



Who is Kate Middleton?…

So i will admit that i did not know who Kate Middleton was when the engagement was announced, and i am pretty sure i wasn’t the only one. I did not watch the engagement interview, nor did i wake up at 3 am to watch the wedding. What got me interested in finding out who this girl was the fact that everywhere i looked the wedding was being playing on TV morning, noon, and night. It gave me a headache.

So i went home and googled Kate Middleton. I found it very interesting that there were so many people for her marrying William and just as many against her do so. I decided to very both sides of the argument and figure out what the fuss was about. But i am for and against them being together.


1.) I love astrology and their signs are great together, well until you do some more reading.

2.) She is a ride or die chick and that is the type that prince William needs to have so he doesn’t repeat history.

3.) He wants to be normal and she wants to famous. Win Win.


1.) I love astrology and their signs are not so good together when you go deeper into their whole birth chart (more to come on this later)

2.) the deep dark secrets that are not so dark, deep or secrets. They are sitting there on the surface just waiting on someone to speak up. ( preferable someone with nothing to lose)

3.) work-shy

4.) creepy smile so you can see all of her fake teeth

Oh i have more but you get what i saying, it what a lot of people are saying. I do not, i repeat, i do not HATE Kate Middleton. Hate is such a strong word and it can take up a lot of your time and can age you faster than Kate has in the last 10 years. You have to admit that the girl set a goal (her mother might be included) and went for it, got it and is currently turning the whole royal family into a laugh stock.

I do hope someone in the palace re-wires her settings because she is currently set on disrespectful. I had another word but i decided to not go there…
P.S. I still dont know who Kate Middleton is.

Just starting

Hello viewers,

This is my first blog ever, so be patient with me : )

I’m sure you’re wondering why i am starting this blog in the first place. Well i am a fan of the current blogs out there that are not wearing rose colored glasses when looking at Kate Middleton. I’m not starting this as a hate blog its more of an observation of the most photographed women in the world.

I do have a full-time job so i will not get a chance to update everyday. But to keep things going until Kate makes her next appearance after her show in France, i plan on starting from the being. Well not when she was a kid that’s too far back, I’ll start when prince William put her who she is. Oh and he’s not off limits either now that he’s shown us how old he really is.

P.S. – If you have any ideas on topics that you would like for me to write about don’t be afraid to let me know